First Date Ideas

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  • biskit69 ( 49 / M / Mesa, AZ )

    Would start off with a long ride out towards Payson enjoying the road, then stopping for a surprise picnic that I had packed away in a saddle bag. Sit and talk getting to know each other with a walk around where we stopp...  read more >>

  • redheadbrunette ( 47 / W / Collegeville, PA )

    How about a nice long ride to wherever we end up!

  • BigBearHD420 ( 36 / C / Delphi, IN )

    Go out for a late night bike ride, leave around 4am. Ride and watch the sun come up, then stop and have breakfast. If we have a good connection, we can meet up later in the evening for a few drinks then see where things...  read more >>

  • Arlenerosa ( 56 / W / Tower Hill, IL )

    A beautiful ride and coffee, If everything feels right maybe lunch and a walk and of course a good night kiss.........Arlenerosa

  • Ladyquinn ( 37 / W / Salisbury, NC )

    Just a nice ride through the country. Maybe stop a grab a cup of coffee or a drink along the way

  • Anth_form ( 25 / M / Broadview Heights, OH )

    lunch/dinner, riding together and going where the road takes us.

  • Curlrider ( 49 / W / Cinderford, England - Gloucestershire )

    Enjoying a great time doing whatever brings out the best in us

  • rockerdaman ( 48 / M / Albertville, AL )

    Just Ride

  • Moosethompson ( 49 / M / Huntington, WV )

    Take a long ride on a warm night . Stop have dinner and check out the sights. Take a walk and talk .

  • bladezor ( 64 / M / Delray Beach, FL )

    Since it's our first date, meeting up, how about a ride with my H.O.G. family? We just met, let's see where it goes from there? Just being honest, I'm totally new at this.

  • marjcam ( 57 / W / Edmonton, AB )

    Go for bike ride together and later on have coffee or tea chatting.

  • ironman1978 ( 39 / M / Herne Bay, England - Kent )

    meet up with bikes or on a bike go for a long ride , lunch or dinner an then what ever takes the fancy

  • babygirl_jori ( 25 / W / Vero Beach, FL )

    I love to ride, I would love if someone came and swept me up to ride around, maybe even ride down to Archie's or Earl's for a drink

  • Ricobiker ( 47 / M / Middleburg, FL )

    Go on a ride an don't come back.

  • gonzo1939 ( 34 / M / Toronto, ON )

    I'd like to ride up the bend to Tobermory, take the ferry across to Manatoulin, cut back around and come across the border, working our way back down to Port Huron, cross back into Southern Ontario, and come full circle...  read more >>

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